house party

So you’ve decided to host a New Year’s Eve party and require a little help preparing. No problem; that is where we come in. Hosting a successful event takes some planning and hard work, but the end results are always worth it.

Compose a guest list of friends, family members and partygoers whom you would like to attend. Send out your invitations at least a month before the event. If sending the invites through the regular post is too time consuming and formal, consider e-mailing your guests. It’s easy and free.

Compile a shopping list of items that you’ll need. Finger foods such as raw vegetables, cold cuts, cocktail shrimps and cheese are always enjoyed. For late night snacking consider serving oven baked snacks like mini pizzas and chicken wings. Providing the alcohol? Remember that beer and wine are party staples that most will consume. Flavored vodkas and malt whiskeys can be interesting additions to the bar. Remember to chill the vodka and put the beer on ice. Oh, and what’s New Years without Champagne?

Prepare the music for the big night. Try and stick to the music your guests recognize and enjoy. Perhaps ask them to each select a song or two that they would like to hear.

house party

Clean the house two or three days beforehand. Do not wait to the last minute. If possible, set up and arrange the tables and serving areas.

Decorating can be as simple as you like. Shiny streamers and banners can be replaced by lots of cozy candles and red poinsettia plants. Your décor need not be flashy; soft and subtle often works better.

On the day of the big party you should start by preparing the foods you’ll be serving. Remember to wash up as you go along so as to keep the kitchen tidy. Make sure that all beverages are well chilled, and that all the snakes are well covered up until the last minute. Remember to have a count down option for midnight. Be it TV or radio; make sure to have it ready to go at least 2 minutes to midnight.

New Year’s Eve is a wonderful time to share with the people you care about most. Providing the perfect atmosphere for your guests will make it that much more memorable. Remember, home is where the heart is.

Happy New Year!